Email Campaigns

Wake up Dormant Clients & Drive Action with Beautiful Email Campaigns.

Everything You Need to Master Email Marketing

Effective call-to-action buttons

Add CTAs to your emails, enabling clients to book appointments, complete a payment or submit a document 24/7 from any device.

Email marketing on-the-go

Easily create email campaigns, manage subscribers & get real-time results – all from your mobile.

Customer segmentation

Import contacts & use tags to segment clients based on their location, interests and more.

Coupon promotions

Create beautiful coupons to get more bookings, promote new services and more.

Real-time results

Get real-time analytics – see how each email campaign impacts your bottom-line.

Create Your Email Marketing Design in Less than 5 Minutes

Create killer campaigns with zero design skills. Simply use our pre-built email template, pick an image from the free gallery and viola! You’re all set.

Prompt Clients to Take Action & Feed Your Bottom Line

One-click actions

Each Zoomega email campaign is built with client engagement in mind. Prompt clients to schedule an appointment, upload a document, complete a form or pay for a special offer – all in a single click.

Scheduling button

Add a scheduling button to each email campaign you create, enabling prospects & clients to book appointments or register to events around the clock – even while you’re asleep!

Get on a First-Name Basis

Add a personal touch to your email campaigns. Customize your email templates to include a client’s first name and improve click-through rates instantly.

Email Marketing Analytics that Make Sense

Use Zoomega’s campaigns tool to learn how each campaign affects your bottom line. Track actual client activity, measuring the real success of your email marketing: new clients, scheduled appointments and payments.


Create your first campaign today! It only takes a few minutes.