Digital business card, always at the customer pocket


Digital business card, always at the customer pocket

Your digital business card was made to create a good first impression for the customer, and give him all the contact details of your business.

the business card will help your customer contact you in the near or far future, purchase products and asking for your services.

Pay attention for the following fact

“88 percent of business card getting thrown to the bin in last then a week.”

this fact has been given us by Adobe, which you can read it here

if we convert this to simple numbers – 9 out of 10 customers will throw your business card in a week.

in the past business card were important media and useful, the modern world made them as an old act and almost not necessary . a customer that wants to keep your phone number simply save it in his contacts, same rule apply for address and email.

The benefits of digital business card

there are so many advantages to a digital business card vs the traditional business card, but we want to focus in the most important advantage – as you sent the digital business card to your customer he will probably will keep it for ever.

Our recommendation is that you send the digital business card in WhatsApp to the customer! since most of the people are using WhatsApp and it is a took that customers really like to communicate with it with you, the WhatsApp is going through a weekly backup and sometimes even daily this means that even if your customer will change his phone or lost it , WhatsApp will restore all the information the chat and your digital business card that you sent him in the past.

this is a superb tool and is important to share your digital business card through it , even if you sent your business card in the past to a customer he can find you in a year with a simple search, and finding your digital business card if he didn’t save your contact details in his phone.

the customer could not only find your phone number – he could access all of your details, watch your social media or visit your website, and get updated details compare to a regular business card which is not being updated throughout time.

same rules applies when you send your digital business card on email – most people doesn’t delete emails which means that your sent business card can always come up with a simple search.

remember, digital business card is a tool. use it and make sure to give it to existing customers and potentials customers. doing the work now , will bear the fruit in time.

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