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A Digital business card is a fully designed landing page, with all of your business contact details – phone, email , website and links to your social media such as facebook , Instagram , and more. Your digital business card can be sent to your customers very quickly by sharing them through facebook , whatsapp and even sms . today, a digital business card gives you presence and leaves your business in the mind of the customer for a long time.

Fully Customized​

Fully customized for your business and for your brand


Fast navigation to your business easy and efficient

Click to call

customers can call you with 1 button click

Saving you money

Perfect solution for any business with a low cost


The application doesn't need to be installed, and works on all devices.

Direct Links

All your social media, gallery, video, and many more depend on your business needs


Immediate availability for your customers/friends

About your business

more information about your business and the services you offer

We Believe

In unique creative digital marketing, that will help your business to succeed!

Share your card with anyone

Easily share your digital card with anyone you meet through the text message, email, social media

Examples of our business cards

We highly recommend you to directly enter our business cards in order to fully appreciate our work

Choose the package that suits you

Our Plans

Business Advanced

35 Monthly
  • Responsive for all screens
  • Customized design and setup
  • Contact details and navigation
  • clients recommendations
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact us form
  • Video
  • Hosting under zoomega

Business Premium

59 Monthly
  • Responsive for all screens
  • Customized design and setup
  • Contact details and navigation
  • clients recommendations
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact us form
  • Video
  • Hosting under zoomega
  • CRM integration
  • Online Calendar management
*Prices including VAT

Have a business in the food industry ?

specially in this time give your customers a pleasent experince with a digital menu that you can view from the mobile easliy.

the digital menu is suitable to all businesses in the food industry, restaurant, bars, coffee shops and more, the menu we build with all the advanced features that exists in the business standard package and with the same terms.

we will help you during this time and lets get to the new generation of businesses!


First step is to fill the digital form that we prepared for you, we build the digital business card for you.
once the business card is ready you get a link to your business card 🙂

at the end of the card there are sharing buttons that we added which you can use to send and distribute the card to everyone at the press of a button

lets say you are with a potential customer, what are going to do ?
with a press of a button you can open your digital business card on your mobile press on one of the sharing options, inputting the client phone number and thats it the client have your business card.

just like the name suggest , digital business card is replacing the traditional business card and become virtual.
a digital business card is different since it is also interactive and let the viewer contact the business card owner easily and efficiently
we still believe that traditional business card is good for conventions and events but in the times of today we do not meet the potential client and therefore the importance of the digital business card in our world.

the card is with no doubt the most efficient way to show your service or business. the advantages of the digital business card are many and is a major advantage when it comes to correct marketing.

it is a good addition for your business needs, the digital business is a kind of a small website that allows your client to get all the information about you and can contact you easily.

if you are a big company and you have employees or you yourself are managers in those companies , if there are sales agents, field agents, or any role that require personal connection with the customer, you would want to create for them a digital business card to improve the brand of the business and to help in the marketing process.
Zoomega can help with exactly that.

website costs are very high hundreds of euros and the maintaining can be very expensive. there are a lot of independent businesses that don’t need to have a website with a lot of content and or have the time and knowledge to maintaining a website.

Digital business card is far more cheaper (starts at 25euro a month) and can provide all the needs of your business.

there are a lot of ways to share your card, if its whatsapp, facebook,put the link on the facebook business page, in the signature of your email, and much more

no we don’t have monthly commitment , the payment is done monthly same as your phone or internet bill. at any given moment you can contact us and stop the subscription.

no, we are doing everything for you , all we need is details that you want to show on the business card , phone , email , pictures , logo etc, and we make sure to build it accordingly and send it to you for fixing/changing as needed.

up to 3 changes a year in the first year (without changes to the design)

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